GSI Global Science & Technology Group Ltd


        GSI Global Science & Technology Group Ltd (GSI) is a technology based development company with Cherub Media Limited (hereinafter referred to as CML) in China. The Company has two US registered patents in internet technology. We consider these to be sustainable development technology and we are the exclusive authorized agents for the Chinese market for the patents,which were developed and are currently held by Cherub Media Limited.  

       We will form a new R&D team,under the leadership of the US R&D team,that will continue to develop more related applications and products to be marketed in China. In addition to the continued development of the above patented technology,GSI will also plan to introduce other patented technologies or cooperate with different enterprises to develop technologies in line with the development of our overall market strategy。


Cherub Media Limited

        US based Cherub Media Limited was founded in 2008,when the online dating market and dating sites saw an abrupt rise in the United States market, growing rapidly.  However,most of these sites required users to enter a large amount of demographic and personality specific information by questionnaire. Then according to the processes or  filters this information was used to compare and match users. These original matching methods were backwards, put personality first rather than attraction,not effective in determining attraction outside of potential for communication,and required too much data to be input resulting in slow user-interaction,lack of efficiency and little to no effectiveness.。  

       In view of this,the initial purpose established by CML is to contribute to the evolution of online mobile dating. CML seeks to move away from personality profiles as determinants to understanding and quantifying actual physical attraction between two users. CML’s R&D team,a collection of psychological,statistical and mathematical academic experts,developed a set of revolutionary matching algorithms over the years,providing a model with extremely high accuracy and efficiency,all the while using personal attraction as focal point in their technology. 。

       Due to the popularity of mobile devices,the technology was also designed to work seamlessly with the application of mobile network technology,and increase the effectiveness of facial recognition technology for the mobile input interface. This greatly reduces data entry time,data vulnerability,while improving the accuracy of the results。 

       After our matching technology achieved remarkable results,the team developed a new mobile advertising model based on the same concept and math,which was more effective than the traditional model and was likely to become a key component of future mobile Advertising development models. The company's technical team will continue to actively invest in high-tech application technology and sustainable development IP. Looking forward into the future CML will continue to update our existing technology while also looking for new applications of our statistical predictive model. 

       The projected development trend of our subsequent R&D is to use our existing patented technology to develop other relevant aspects of forecasting technology applications,such as the combination of artificial intelligence,Virtual Reality(VR) or/and Augmented reality(AR) applications.  We are also trying to use our model to enable development of some other projects such as earthquake prediction。


Why We Are Here?



       CML (US) will join together with GSI  (Hong Kong) and form a platform,the new platform will setup a new head office in Hong Kong,and will invest and sustainable development in two US IT patented technology projects.



        GSI has always been committed to promoting China-Hong Kong international investment projects,and especially in recent years,high-tech innovation projects. This commitment is aligned with the Chinese and Hong Kong governments own directive to  promote technological development in this direction: Science and 



        CML / Gain Source will be based on these two patented core algorithm technologies and plans to invest and continue to develop more related core technologies,applications,and architecture. We are committed to developing a series of applications,mainly designed for electronic platforms and mobile devices,in the hope that we can advance the structural changes in 



       A suitable R & D environment is also a factor that we must consider.  Hong Kong is an international metropolis with a unique history and culture,the integration of Chinese and Western cultures,international financial status,technology and advanced communication and data information technology,which are all significant advantages.