Virtual Dating Booth

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Virtual Dating Booth


        Overview-In still another variant,a virtual dating booth is designed to allow users to simulate interacting in virtual reality from remote locations. Users experience visual,aural,scent and touch sensation through the insertion of a silicon gel implant,metallic sensory devices or pads,lasers used to create sensation of touch and current methods to allow for the transmittal of taste. Also new technology is being developed specifically for brain to brain interface using implant connections at in-store booths or at home/ mobile using specifically developed applications and hardware.

        Optionally,users receive a temporary or permanent silicon implant With 4 or more nerve connections. The implant is configured to send and receive mnemonic,EEG or ultrasonic data between two users including scent,touch and taste expressed in algorithmic form and transmitted between user' s brains through focusing,imagining or stimulating users brain activity to direct interfaced users brain to experience physical sensation. Glasses and headphones are used to route visual and aural information between both individuals. Individuals may be seated in a chair and be given a choice of predesigned Worlds/locations in a sound proof environment. Once inside a World,the implants,lasers and VR glasses/devices combined with our algorithm will provide all necessary stimulation to recreate a date in real time; including all 5 senses and electronic inputs to simulate motor and ambulatory events or sensations.  

        Finally as technology advances all sensual information may be routed directly to the skin implant; thus eliminating the need for external hardware: glasses,headphones etc. to transmit the data.

IP - Prior Art in Patent#8595257 B1


Start Date - January 1st 2020


Team - TBD


Business Model - Traditional Corporation and product development/marketing


Deliverables - We feel this project could be in trial phase within a year of the start date given the level of technology currently available. Future deliverables are TBD


Cost - $150 Million USD. This assumes current technological advances are suitable and can be reconfigured to fit into the constraints of our needs and budget.


ROI - TBD but a level of technology this advanced would be evolutionary and most likely be valued in the billions of dollars