Personnel Training


        CML understands the depth and commitment needed to ensure the success of the business. 

If the business is in its start-up phase it will need to continue its development,and must have a 

wealthy supply of talent and continuous support to facilitate continued growth. This is especially 

true in the high-tech industry. To ensure our success we are continuously considering the 

development of new science and technology projects. In particular,when conditions are similar 

and research and development can be used in cross-platform,coordinated efforts,but in general,

        we also seek to actively engage our employees in creating dynamic solutions to the problems 

we encounter in today’s world. Our mission will be based on our current US exclusive patented technology,led by our US R&D team,in conjunction with 

authorities and experts in relevant fields necessary to co-mentor trainees,so that they are better able to master the core foundation in a short time. This will 

allow us to select the appropriate talent for our follow-up research and development work. 

In addition,we will need to secure a good deal of manpower 

to be invested in post-application development and marketing. Based on China’s current huge market potential and opportunity,our follow-up 

application technology research and development will be based on the Asian market as a starting point. Once market share is secured in China,

we will expand into the international market. In this phase we will mainly recruit employees and trainees from Hong Kong and China,but we 

will also welcome any other foreign employees who allow us to effectively engage different national cultures and markets. Our operations 

model will take the form of a centralized training center. Because most of the division projects are based on the same core technology,there 

will be a lot of opportunity for cross development applications. In order to execute this effectively the training center will be overseen and 

managed by the corporate head office.With centralized management we can make more effective use of resources,in addition to saving on 

overall cost,while at the same time facilitating the growth and range of opportunities available to employees. We feel providing trainees 

        access to new opportunities and investment in their selection and deployment,we will create a more flexible,dynamic enterprise: one 

built for continued growth in the future. CML R&D team has maintained a long-term close relationship with many experts,scholars and 

international scientific research institutions,both in the US and internationally. 

        Team members often participate in academic and research seminars in various fields.Proprietary R & D projects can and have obtained 

the support of many US and foreign scholars. Team members also often have projects that involve work with outside universities and different 

research institutions.This has created a rich dynamic imparting experience and acumen in scientific knowledge.Once our training center has 

been set up,our R & D team will invite scholars from different fields as guest topic pertinent seminars. We will consider co-operating with 

the institutions and research institutes of the United States,China,Hong Kong or other countries given the opportunity and the right 

conditions. In this endeavor we will implement training programs designed to add significant and impassively members to our team.