Individually Tailored Online Mobile Advertisements


        Overview- A computer implemented advertisement matching a user with a computer generated advertisement that is compatible to a users of the methods preferred aesthetic. 

        In one example the method comprises: receiving a profile generated by recording user choices from a field of images displayed to the user; applying a logistics regression model to the image choices to create a baseline aesthetic template used to determine the most appropriate model or actor to be inserted into the background of a still or video advertisement.

        Any results within a desired confidence level are returned to the user as and advertisement with the appropriate model or actor inserted by means of current and available technology into the ad to be displayed on the user's mobile or video device.

IP- US Patent # 9374608 B2


Start Date- March 15th 2018


Advantages to Current Methods:

· Targets each user with an individualizeduser specific ad

· Avoids need for demographic surveys and marketing studies

· Works seamlessly with info gained from dating app

· Guarantees user recognition of ad due to use of specific models with aesthetics tailored to users attraction preferences

· Ad’s created in Real Time by software with minimal input from designers


Cost - $5 Million USD. These monies will be used to re-engineer existing statistical model adding features that will allow for the creation of the adsas well as office spacesalaries and marketing.


Deliverables: Start Date March 15ths2018. We hope to have a basic MVP by June 1st2018 and fully running software and model by September 1st2018.


Business Model- Licensing.


Exit Strategy-  Divestiture. Our goal is to sell this patent in a bundle combined with Project 1thereby maximizing our profit.


ROI- Given recent sales of mobile advertising startups in the Chinese market we anticipate this as being worth $1-2 Billion USD in value upon completion and given a 10% effective ratio.