Mobile Dating Site with Compatibility Feature


        Overview- Apple like in design. A computer implemented matching method for a matching a user with one or more romantically compatible users of the method. In one example the method comprises: receiving a profile generated by recording users choices from a field of images displayed to the user;

        applying a logistics regression model to the image choices to determine compatibility between two users. Creating a baseline template of the user's aesthetic preferences then applying this model to templates created from other users of the method. Any results within a desired confidence level are returned to the user. 

        For mutual compatibility the user's own image is compared to that of the query's preference template to determine the presence of mutual compatible aesthetic attraction. Users can also use facial recognition to run a personality test on themselves or their potential matches to determine if there is personality compatibility to the combination as well.

IP- US Patent #8595257 B1


Start Date- September 2017


Team - Chris Ovide,Gal Radner Inverted Software,Bonnie Knight


Advantages to Current Products

Optimized for mobile apps requiring no additional input from the user

Search method and filter superior to existing dating apps by use of binomial regression to determine precise degrees of aesthetic ideals as well as mutual compatibility; which is not possible under current IP or in place technology

Utilizes the same logic as the insurance industry to determine probability increasing the effectiveness of online dating sites

Utilizes unique set of factors to determine attraction based on subconscious selection of thumbnails from a field

The potential to predict mutual compatibility creates a new paradigm where users feel more comfortable with suggested matches as they inherently assume mutual compatible within a given confidence level

The data generated can also be used in other sectors of business particularly marketing,Cherub Media Ltd. has filed a provisional patent with the USTPO


Cost/Requested Investment- $1.15 Million for build out and deployment of rear-end architecture (this is the initial investment and does not assume growing the model past an initial accuracy as well as future upgrades)


Deliverable December 15th,2017 Finished Statistical Model and MVP, March 1st UI interface application released for Iphone and Android Users.


Business Model- Licensing。


Exit Strategy- Sell Patent/Division/


ROI- Expected profits to be near $150 million USD assuming effective working model and interest by either the US or Chinese Dating Industries.